Is your pitta causing you problems?

In my previous post about pitta I explained how pitta consists of the elements fire and water and I explained the qualities of pitta. Now I'd like to describe how excess or aggravated pitta manifests in the body and mind. Let's see if you can identify with any of this!

If you are a pitta constitution then you're lucky enough to be able to eat pretty much what you want without gaining weight. I love it when I ask a pitta client to describe their appetite and they look at me as if I'm bonkers when I ask them if they ever go off their food or forget to eat. They describe the opposite in fact. A day out might be planned around meal times; "When will we have our lunch? We won't be out until late and have to eat late will we?" And dare to interrupt them at meal times!! Hangry is a word that pitta people can relate to!

The pitta time of life starts at the teenage years and so this is when pitta raises. Pitta gives us our drive and competitive nature and I remember seeing it so well in my son who had never been especially competitive when he was little, but this changed when he started to hit puberty. He slimmed down, his soft kapha features and nature started to disappear and he went from wondering if he could really be bothered to run as fast as he could in a race, to giving it everything. We need this pitta drive to get us ahead in life.

So, how can you tell if you need to reduce your pitta? What do you need to look out for? Here I'll explain:

Are you constantly criticising? I cringe at this; my pitta is often raging! You might be self critical or always judging others. Are you often too hot or sweat more easily than you used to? Do you feel angry and frustrated often? Are you becoming controlling or violent? Are you hot headed and your passions maybe cloud your judgement? Do you find it hard to switch off and find the work life balance? Gosh I'm now really cringing! Are you suffering with rashes, very sour smelly sweat, hot and red eyes, heartburn, acid, ulcers and diarrhoea? If you are, you need to reduce pitta before it starts to aggravate further possibly causing liver problems and blood disorders.

So, if you're nodding at the above and thinking "oh gosh, that's me!", it's fine. Just chill, calm and cool your body and mind. Here's how you can do that:

Eat more cooling pitta reducing foods such as sweet fruits, pomegranate juice, milk, lassis, complex carbohydrates, coconut, root veggies, salads, cucumber, mung beans, coriander, asparagus, dark leafy greens which are bitter (bitter is fantastic for pitta!). Eat in a calm cool environment, not at your desk. Use ghee or coconut oil; most fats and oils are heating but these aren't. Things that are heating are tomatoes, sour foods such as pickles, meat, fish, alcohol, hot spices, tobacco and caffeine. Avoid hot drinks in the summer. Never skip your meals, but I know you wouldn't anyway!

Avoid getting too hot so don't sit in the sun for long. Don't over exercise, although knowing you, you'll probably want to! Water sports and outdoor activities are good for you, but try not to get too competitive. Meditate regularly and practise yoga. Listen to calming music and enjoy walking in the moonlight (very cooling). Make peace with those you may have fallen out with and fill your life with compassion and light hearted things. Don't dwell on things that have annoyed you; try to make light of things and say "f..k it" on a regular basis.

If you'd like some help with any of the above, please let me know. My consultations are £45 and I'm based in Newquay. I also run my online service. I offer a 20 minutes free no obligation consultation if you'd like to give me a ring. Tel 07756624264