Six simple ways to improve your life!

You don't always need to make drastic changes to improve your life. Saying that, it won't be long until you see fabulous results from making some easy changes. Here are six of my favourites!


Add this to your days. Getting up nice and early each day and going to bed around 10pm each evening will mean that gradually your quality of sleep will improve and your energy levels during the day will be far better. Another important routine is meal times. Erratic eating is bad for health so try to eat proper meals rather than constantly snacking.

Drink herbal tea!

This is one of the easiest ways of consuming medicinal herbs daily. Start by replacing one of your usual coffees or teas each day and you will eventually make these the norm. Chamomile tea is well known for it's calming benefits for body and mind, peppermint, ginger and fennel aid digestion whilst lavender and tulsi help with sleep.

Eat more fruit and veggies!

Start juicing and making home made soups and stews regularly so that you can include plenty easily. There is a lot of scientific evidence now showing that consuming a predominantly unprocessed plant based diet is the way to prevent disease and live a long and healthy life.

Be creative!

Whatever it is that you enjoy that allows you to use your creative side, do it! Being creative is therapy for the mind and a great stress buster. You don't need to be creating anything outstanding or elaborate; just make sure that it's not related to work and is never a chore.


Whether you enjoy going to the gym, walking in nature or dancing, moving is good! Regular movement reduces risk of obesity, heart disease and many other life threatening diseases. Take the stairs instead of the lift or get off your bus a stop earlier than you usually would. You don't need to be planning to run a marathon; little differences can make the best differences.

Learn to meditate!

Meditation calms the mind and body, improves sleep, reduces anxiety and helps in tackling destructive habits. It can also bring an appreciation of the simpler things in life.