Pitta dosha

Pitta dosha is of the elements fire and water. It is the principle of heat and passion. Vata brings information into the body and pitta manages it. Pitta governs the metabolism and digestion and each individual cell is managed by pitta, governing conversion and metabolic work even at this level. In the body pitta is water or oil and also the burning fire within us. It is our fiery nature, our strong appetite and our intensity. It is our drive and our passion.

People who are predominantly pitta by nature are often fair skinned and sensitive to the sun. Their hair is often fine and their voice direct and clear. They are often very focused and know what they want. Their build is medium and although they have very good appetites, they tend to be able to eat very well whilst maintaining balanced weight.

Pitta people can be very charismatic and they make great leaders and managers. They quite like attention and enjoy getting things done. Being highly competitive makes pitta people great athletes. A pitta friend will be able to direct and advise you and they have a sharp intellect. Sometimes they can be a little too intense though and they need to remind themselves to lighten up regularly. As a friend they are great at giving advice, taking control and sorting things out for you. They get things done. But challenge them over their actions and they may not take too kindly to it.