Is your Vata giving you problems?

Carrying on with more about Vata dosha as I know a lot of you will really be able to relate to this. You might be wondering, "What are the symptoms so that I know I need to take more care of myself to reduce the problems of Vata?" So I thought I'd speak about how Vata can make you feel.

The qualities as I told you before of Vata are space and air, and so when Vata is raised these qualities will be increased possibly in both body and mind. It's so important that you listen to your digestion as that's where all the trouble starts. "What is my gassy bloated tummy trying to tell me?" "Why do I regularly not have a poo?" Or maybe you do regularly poo but it might be dry and hard. Do you find that travelling can cause you problems? Vata is increased by movement, change and travel. These will be the first signs and the place that Vata first causes you bother, so it's important that you address it at this stage so that it doesn't start to affect your circulation too. Your skin might have become very dry and especially this time of year when Vata dosha naturally increases, your symptoms may very well be worse. Maybe you are always cold; Vata dosha is cold remember? Cold hands and feet? Are you achy and crackly in your joints? Crampy? Is your hair becoming thinner? Your energy levels; do you find you get tired more easily or have spurts of energy and then come crashing down?

How do you feel in your mind, maybe anxious a lot more of the time? Trouble sleeping? Maybe you just can't switch off and think way too much, worrying about this, that and the other. Maybe you even create problems where there are none. Although I spoke about the wonderful creative side of Vata and the imagination and artistic nature that can be it's gifts, these can come at a cost for you if you don't listen to the warning signs and take good care of yourself.

Self nurture and love, soups and warming stews, body oiling using warm sesame oil, meditation and walking in the woods are all lovely ways to pacify Vata. Why not learn more about how to reduce Vata by booking an Ayurvedic consultation?

Your body and mind are very kind to you and try their best to let you know when something's wrong. So be kind to yourself and listen, you really are worth it.