Weight loss the Ayurvedic way

How many diets have you been on? Are you about to start a new one, or thinking of starting one after Christmas when you might very well be considerably heavier than you are at the moment? What a miserable thought! Do you have all the books, "F plan", "Atkins", "Cabbage!"...….there is an endless list of them and they all make you lose weight. Of course they work, they will do, whilst you are on them. Then, after you have dropped a stone and a half and feel and look amazing what next? Everybody tells you that you look so good and you are full of praise for this wonderful new regime. Your skin is great, your energy levels are through the roof, your clothes fit you beautifully and you are delighted! So, here's a question for you. Why then, six months later, have you piled it all back on plus more? Why do you continue to punish yourself with this endless miserable and harmful yo-yo dieting? Why do you think that this next one will work? Why will it when none of the others have worked for you?

Weight loss is much too complex to simply have a list of foods that is designed for everyone that wants to lose weight. This is crazy! We are all different and the reasons for our weight issues differ from person to person. I get so cross when a client tells me that their doctor tells them their health problems are down to being obese and that they need to lose weight. One recently told me the doctor told him to go away and eat chicken and brown rice! Imagine that! He did it for a couple of weeks and then went back to his old eating habits, and so would anybody if they weren't given more guidance than that!

So many things come in to successful weight loss. Balanced digestion is vital, microbiome, state of mind and dealing with such things as comfort eating, activity levels, correct foods that must be eaten in abundance (actually more important than looking at what mustn't be eaten) and much more. We need to look at the whole person, not just what they put in their mouth. Why are they constantly hungry? Why, even when they do eat less, can they not shift the weight? Why do they continue to go back to their old habits the minute something goes wrong? Why do they crave all the naughty foods?

Don't waste more money on another diet.Take a look at Ayurveda and what it can offer you. It will change your life.