Tridoshic asparagus soup

Asparagus is an exceptionally nutrient-rich food and is considered one of Ayurveda's healthiest vegetables, balancing all three doshas. It lubricates all the membranes in the body, reducing vata, the bitter sweetness reduces the heat of pitta and the diuretic qualities mean kapha fluid retention is reduced. It contains many valuable minerals and is a very useful food for fertility. It has been known as "lady with the 100 husbands", due to it's aphrodisiac qualities!

Here is a really tasty recipe for asparagus soup. Vata can add plenty of cream, pitta a little, but of course kapha, sorry, leave the cream out.

Heat 1 tblspn vegetable oil or ghee. Add half a chopped onion and cook until soft, then add some chopped garlic

Add 250 g asparagus, 50 peeled cubed potatoes, 150 ml water, 150 ml veg stock, bring to boil and cover until soft (approx 10 mins)

Blend, stir in half teaspoon garam masala (leave out if pitta imbalance). Season with salt and pepper.

Serves 2