Life is Meditation

Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean spending 10 minutes or so every morning and evening stilling your mind. Doing this is beneficial of course, but you can live your whole life as a meditation, being the observer of your life. Living your life in a state of awareness is a useful skill that can become a part of you. You can start doing this by just taking a few moments during the day to consciously notice how your body is feeling. This can be done on the bus, at your desk, cooking a meal or indeed anywhere. Does your body feel balanced or are you putting more weight on one side than the other? Notice your posture. What is it like? Adjust it if you need to. Perhaps a couple of minutes later it will be back in the original position and that is fine. Is there tension or aching in any part of your body? How do your shoulders feel, your legs, your tummy? Can you try to relax the area, move it gently in a way that feels good, ease the tension and imagine the area sighs with relief. Perhaps you want to rub the area gently, show it some kindness and then just move on with your day. It really can be that simple.

Start to notice the state of your everyday mind. How does that little voice in your head talk to you? Does it babble on about things from the past, or worries about the future, or both? Chances are it is interfering with the clarity of your mind. It really is quite intrusive at times. So, let’s change the voice to a kinder voice. Take a couple of minutes each day, or as often as you can, to just change the tone of that voice and that internal dialogue. Imagine that the voice is kind, gentle and encouraging, like that of a friend or a loved one, somebody who cares deeply about you. Each time you find yourself with negative thoughts, cancel them and replace them with positive ones. If you feel that you do need to address your negative thoughts then set aside some time each day to just do that, and then move on with the rest of your day.