Healthy Living in Newquay! Sprout Health Foods

Sprout is a wonderful new health food shop/small coffee shop in Newquay and it is run by the very warm and welcoming Claire and Sebastian. There had been a gap in Newquay for a health food shop for quite some time and I always had to send clients either to Truro or elsewhere to buy various health products I recommend in my work. Now, most of the things can be bought at Sprout and if not, Sebastian or Claire are happy to order them. Specialist Ayurvedic products such as asafoetida, sesame oil, mung beans and ghee are all available and I always end up buying more than I intended as the shelves are a treasure trove of goodies.

A large communal table is in the centre of the room where people can drink coffee and eat cake. I love that everybody sits together where it is difficult not to enter in to some really nice chat. Of course the table is large enough so that people are not sitting on top of each other and there is still an element of quiet and privacy and I find it easy enough to get on with my work when I need to. Coffee, other drinks and cakes are served all day long. The cakes and desserts in the display fridge are all gluten and dairy free and free from refined sugars, commonly sweetened with maple syrup and dates. Recently, much to my delight, as there is a shortage on offer in Newquay of warm home cooked lunches available, Claire and Sebastian decided to serve a dish each day which can also be taken away. They have on offer daily a dhal or stew. Warming spices and fresh ingredients make a wholesome wintery dish, most welcome at this time of the year. I very often buy a pot to take home and have for my evening meal and the price is very reasonable.

Claire and Sebastian are both very down to earth and really passionate about providing good quality and often local produce. I love that they take time to go to visit some of the places that supply local products. For example, they visited a local bee keeper that supplies beautiful honey they sell in the shop. The flour that they sell is produced locally, the wheat grown and harvested at a local mill and then ground using a traditional stone grinding mill. The coffee they sell is bought directly from farmers and then roasted locally, again Claire and Sebastian visited the premises themselves and were impressed with the care and attention to detail, and of course the finished products. Fresh artisan bread is sold that has been slow rise baked locally and delivered daily. Spelt and rye are used and one of my particular favourites is the multi-grain loaf.

Claire and Sebastian are both really supportive of local therapists too and they have welcomed me to run free talks at Sprout. I have so far enjoyed talking about food intolerances and gut health, and also stress management. I intend to do some more soon. They also have had demonstrations from other people and a local “forage” proved very popular. The shop space has been very cleverly designed to be adaptable by putting the shelves on wheels so that the area can be cleared and the space used for yoga classes, film screenings and creative workshops.

I do hope that locals continue to support this lovely addition to Newquay so that we can continue to enjoy the great benefits it gives us.

Thank you Claire and Sebastian!