Healthy Living in Newquay, Cornwall!

Newquay is a vibrant town that is known for it’s amazing beaches, providing lovely holidays for families to enjoy. Over the last year or so I have really noticed that Newquay has started to change quite a lot and it seems that it is quickly becoming a cool place to be as it metamorphosises in to something quite unique. From great outdoor activities, yoga hubs, complementary therapies and healthy eating places, there is now a lot of focus on healthy living.

I am going to be talking about some of the local places, services and activities that contribute to the good health of the people in and around Newquay. Visitors can now find some great ways to improve the health of body and mind with what we have to offer here in Newquay.

Although I used the word “vibrant” to describe Newquay, I do feel that this town has a really amazing laid back feel also. I feel very lucky to be living in and bringing my kids up here in Newquay, as the quality of life we have is probably one of the best in the UK.