Learn how to create and teach your own wonderful meditations to change the lives of those around you. With a powerfully positive effect in schools, offices, or your own home, you can tailor these to enhance happiness, compassion, focus and more. 
I have been teaching mindfulness in schools for many years and also run courses which teach people how to run guided mindfulness sessions with children and adults. This guidance manual is one that I have designed for school teachers in particular, but it is also suitable for therapists, carers and parents. It teaches how to structure and deliver mindfulness sessions. Some are very short simple techniques/visualisations to calm nerves, let go of anger or focus clearly. Others are longer and there are many visualisations and meditations to choose from.  
The course is a document and is over ten thousand words and can be regarded as a reference manual. It is easy to follow and over time those who use it will find that they can even design their own meditations.

Meditation Training Course - An Online Manual Guide

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